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Virginie and friends in Poland 5 to Santiago

31 Août 2010, 17:02pm

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1     News from  Virginie and friends on August 30, 2010 :



The ways of St James in Poland. Source : camino.net.pl  "drogi sw jakuba"



Some parts of the way are identical with Via Regia

Source : camino.net.pl  "drogi sw jakuba"


Virginie : "Camera beakdown, and it's hard to plug another one, so no picture this time !


We're walking across Silesia, a very industrial region, coal, steel, housing and plants.


We walked with Pawel, a young Polish guy who's managing part of the camino, and met a bunch of people. Among them local history fans at Slawkow, about 60 kilometers west of Krakow. Slawkow is an old city which enriched from silver mines.

 We also made acquaintances with a group of teenagers from near Clermont-Ferrand and Le Puy in France. They organise shows as part of cultural exchanges between mining regions."


Michel : "Quiet pace ... and the warmest welcome ! The hardest is to eat all that the  "jakuba"  Poles offer us... and to inflate the Cariola !"

Daniel : "Silesia is fun : it's a MINE of discoveries !"

(Hard to translate a play on words - ndlr)

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Welcome to Compostelle 2000 Witnessing

31 Août 2010, 16:25pm

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René Deleval, a member of the welcoming team at Compostelle 2000, Paris :


"...We offer them even more : our witness. We received so much on the way of St James ! Our one and only scope is to lead the pilgrim to the starting point, help him fight his own fears, overtake all doubts. With our help, he or she will begin that long long unforgettable walk to ...


Santiago TOUT BIS

Dessin : René Deleval


... Santiago." 

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Welcome to Compostelle 2000 in Paris Getting tips

30 Août 2010, 17:42pm

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All members of the information team have walked the Way of St James at least once...

René Deleval goes on :


"...Sometimes the visitor wants more than just information. He will be proposed walking parties, meetings about how to find his way, how to pack, dining in a restaurant (we are in France) to meet other pilgrims... everything depends on his desire for having companions or staying alone.


He is glad to meet someone who knows about what he will find. So that he won't hesitate anymore..."


More next post...

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Welcome to Compostelle 2000 in Paris ... Share your plan

28 Août 2010, 08:25am

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Hospitaleros are famous on the St James Way. At Compostelle 2000, in the heart of Paris, helpers do another excellent job : they welcome whoever comes from Monday to Friday and even more...

They receive the future pilgrims, answer to their questions and give them the pilgrim's passport.



Photo René Deleval


René Deleval is one of them. He likes sketching. That will be for another post.


On his return from Santiago in 2001 he decided to be part of the team. He's been giving information and advices for 10 years.


"Nothing replaces the person to person contact, he says. The future pilgrim needs to talk about his needs, his scopes and his fears... We are here to listen to him or her..."




another post to come...

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Virginie and friends in Poland 4 to Santiago

27 Août 2010, 11:46am

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1    Message received from Virginie and friends on August 25, 2010 :




photo VB

"Here are three pictures taken in "Little Poland" a region I just walked through.

Everywhere in the countryside I saw houses being built or repaired.


The Austrians ruled on that  region for a while. You can see traces of it on the buildings.








photos VB


The Camino to Santiago is living again owing to young people aged 25 to 35. They did it completely or partially. Congratulations to the ones who marked the Way !


Daniel and Michel have arrived ; they are fine and well."



photo VB

"We were in such a hurry to meet Virginie again ! So the plane was 40 minutes 000,,, early,,, Warm welcome and beautiful sunshine ! ,,,,

Michel (getting practise with Polish keyboards.)"

"....40 minutes early but Virginie was at the airport and she took a picture of us in the bus ... do we look sleepy ?  ...




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Virginie in Poland 3 to Santiago

25 Août 2010, 11:46am

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ czerwonczy    News from Virginie on August 24, 2010 :


"Finding internet is not an easy job. Owing to some families I could send  the pictures of the other day.


Before I left, friends of mine were tempted by the same route. They should meet me at Cracow...





  photos city of Cracow

...where I just got !

Normally Daniel and Michel, my fellow companions, will join me tomorrow.


More news to come soon."

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Virginie in Poland 2 to Santiago

24 Août 2010, 21:03pm

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ czerwonczy    News received on august 21, 2010, from our friend Virginie. You made acquaintances with her in  the previous post



"I send news from where I'm walking in order to share this European experience with others, to show that there are other countries than France and Spain where the Camino is, that here in Poland there are keen hikers and pilgrims. Who knows, other people might want to do the same thing ?


Look at my pictures  : Wooden church at Bukowiec, baroque church at Bochnia (salt mines), oratories et milestones...





 P1070614.JPG  P1070513.JPG

  photos VB


I am 32 miles from Cracow. I will tell you about the people I meet but believe me : 

Here also, some people are crazy about the Camino !"

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Virginie in Poland 1 to Santiago

22 Août 2010, 09:32am

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   If You don't know her, 

   let me introduce you to Virginie. She works very hard 

   for Compostelle 2000

   the non profit organisation in Paris. 

   Sometimes she is a hospitalera in refuges in France on the Way of Saint James...




She has decided to fly to Poland on August 17, 2010, and start a long, long walk westward. "I'm leaving, she says, from my mother's birthplace. I wish that walk will be, among other things, a reconciliation route to erase the horrors of World War II."







No snow in August, and marks that you can't miss. On her arrival, she's warmly welcome by polish pilgrims of the Way of St James and she stays overnight in a wooden house at Jamna...


News to come later...

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Way of Saint James in Paris Monuments 1

19 Août 2010, 21:51pm

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The Saint James Tower, one of the many signs of our favorite paths, is right in the middle of the City of Light.  Just restaured, it is shown in this video as you will never see it : from the inside and from the top !  

A former bell tower flanked by the Saint Jacques de la Boucherie church that does not exist any more,  it is on  the bustling rue de Rivoli, close to Chatelet, the strategic center of public transport in Paris. Hôtel de Ville, Notre-Dame, Pont-Neuf, the Louvre Museum, the Pompidou Center are just next door. Thousands and thousands of pilgrims used to gather here before they left to Santiago. Today's pilgrims use it as their starting point as well.
Look at the stained-glass windows : scallop shells and walking sticks...

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Marks on the Way of Saint James

15 Août 2010, 16:53pm

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Yellow arrows in the country, metal and stone in town


Thanks to Patrice Juskowiak


Arrows, marks and signs are useful.

They also bear meanings.

Symbolic meanings.

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