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Camping on the Paris Way of St James

28 Septembre 2010, 17:33pm

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August 2009


Isabelle and Hervé walked on the Way of Saint James from Beaugency to Melle in France, a nice piece of  land between Paris and Bordeaux, between Bruxelles and Santiago.


They sent their video on the net...


Tha,ks to gnomefarfadet


... and say :


"The Way goes west along the River Loire down to Tours, then it heads Bordeaux towards the South-West, on the GR 655.
Accomodation : tent + sleeping-bag + mattresses, so the backpack is too heavy...

Hiking gets cheap, camping makes us more free."


Seems the weight did not take their good mood away...

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A chateau on the Way of Saint James

27 Septembre 2010, 22:10pm

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Ecouen-Carte de Cassini1













A little flavour


of Touraine  ?             




Photo J F F

The Paris Way goes through Touraine, one of the nicest regions in France, with so many beautiful chateaux. But this one is in the Ile de France, the Paris region.



Photo J F F

Coming from Compiègne on the old road of Chantilly towards Paris, the pilgrim from the north walks next to a marvel from the XVIth century, which is now the National Museum of the Renaissance.



Photo Musée National de la Renaissance

email-Ydeux-2.ATHUR-OU--JOSUEjpg.jpg   If you have some extra time, stop and spend one hour visiting the Château d'Ecouen.



  There are 22 km before you get to Paris.

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Europa Compostela - in La Vie page 2

26 Septembre 2010, 07:28am

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This is the 2nd page of the article published by La Vie Magazine on July 22, 2010 :




"The Way of St James is the first European Cultural Network."  


Look at the post about the 1st page

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Souvenirs from the Camino

20 Septembre 2010, 20:03pm

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The supper at  Emmaüs, National Gallery, London


Caravaggio was a bad guy. But what a talented one ! 


This painting shows a scene of Luke's Gospel, when the pilgrims of Emmaüs, Israël, realise the man they've just invited is Christ Himself !


So many aspects have a major importance in this baroque description : the light and the shades, the colours and the black background, and little details that make you feel you're in the room. One of them is very significant to us all :




The Camino to Santiago is a major fact in History. The scallop shell is the symbol of the pilgrim wherever and whenever you are.


Another post about Art and the Camino HERE.


More info in the French version THERE

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Politicians on the Way of St James

14 Septembre 2010, 18:12pm

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In Scandinavia the politicians do   personally support the Way of Saint James.


Stein Thue, our Norvegian friend reports : A lot of volonteers, mere hikers or political leaders took part to Europa Compostela, the splendid relay throughout Europe (see the link).


  "Several mayors had the great honor and pride to hold the walking stick through their towns.


  In Rennebu for instance, 12 participants volonteered, one of them was the mayor, all of them carried the "bourdon" (stick). The local newspapers published detailed reports about the relay."


img 7878 resizebourdon dans la neige


Stein Thue, adviser of the city of Trondheim, goes on : "My motivation for participating in the EC2010 was Maria's invitation and the wonderful idea of connecting the Scandinavian pilgrim ways with the caminos of Europe." (Maria Guerra is the Chairwoman of French Pilgrims Federation)


Besides that, due to the season, in many places the Way was covered with snow...

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Virginie and friends in Poland 10 to Santiago

12 Septembre 2010, 19:20pm

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1      September 11 and 12, 2010.


Virginie : "Our way has just stopped at the German border at GORLITZ. We'll be back soon."



Arrival at Gorlitz, German border            Photo VB



End of walk marks Photo VB


Michel : "Bad weather , so we took buses...


For the first time at LUBAN, 20 km from the border, we met German female Pilgrims.


The Via Regia in Poland ends at  ZGORZELEC/GORLITZ, twin towns on both sides of the NISA River (Neisse).


A few weeks ago the river flooded... everything was wet, taverns included ! ...



The Nissa banks after the floods  Photo VB



Arrival at  Gorlitz     Photo VB


Rathaus (City Hall) of Gorlitz      Photo VB


See you soon for the continuation of the way in the Czech Republic...

it'll be another story."

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Virginie and friends in Poland 9 to Santiago

9 Septembre 2010, 20:13pm

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1    September 7, 2010 in the evening


Here are other pictures from beautiful Wroclaw :



The Odra river at Wroclaw            Photo VB



Wishing padlocks from former addicts ? Photo VB



National Museum of Fine Arts  Photo VB



The cathedral Photo VB


In memery of a monk, Angelus Silesius  Photo VB


More news and pictures soon...

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Virginie and friends in Poland 8 to Santiago

9 Septembre 2010, 08:34am

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1    September 7, 2010            Photos




The Silesian Plain            Photo VB


"Sad rainy day, looking for trains, in the end the station firemen help and virtually put us on the right train !!
Lots of people live in the countryside, very useful to get answers to our questions...



  Wroclaw cathedral               Photo VB


"We had to go to the Post Office this morning, in order to send the maps already used. It's like in France, every one comes to send parcels and letters or to get the retirement pensions on the very first day !  Same impatience, same unpoliteness, with a little touch of  "cold" joking.


Sosie         Photo VB


... A shame we can't introduce you to Michel's twin brother met in ...


Wroclaw   !   "

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Virginie and friends in Poland 7 to Santiago

5 Septembre 2010, 20:10pm

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1 Today September  5th, 2010 :


583px-OderCARTE ODER

The Odra river


Virginie :

"No doubt, I'll post the pictures when I'm back... So just a few words about where we stay overnight, in order to appreciate the country , building, welcome and way of living : youth hostels, touristic accomodations, convents, vicarages, health centers, equestrial resting places, at some pilgrim's or at some Spanish camino aficionado's."


Michel :

"Today BRZEG-OLAWA (between Opole and Wroklaw - added by the blog writer) along the ODRA (Oder) in spate. The fields are flooded, our shoes too, but we were warmly welcome by AGNIESZKA, a young Polish hiker who regularly takes the camino in Poland : beds and traditionnal meals ...

... in a dry house !!"

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Virginie and friends in Poland 6 to Santiago

4 Septembre 2010, 19:20pm

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PHOTO NATURE PAPILLON 1ER SOIR BACOWKA NA JAMNEJ c-copie-1 News from Virginie and Co September 4, 2010 :




(Ślůnsk in Silesian, Śląsk in Polish, Schlesien in German, Slezsko in Check)



Hard to forward pictures for plugging reasons... Besides that, all is well : encounters and walking.





Virginie : "For several days we have been walking through Silesia, the cities of OPOLE, and BRZEG. A region which claimed for independance a hundred years ago. The inhabitants did not totally feel German nor Polish. Repression made it German until World War II, then Polish till today. The history of the Region is rich, to be better known...


The cities of OPOLE and BRZEG


The Polish camino is familiar to the people we meet now ! On the way we met a Polish pilgrim. He invited us to stay in his flat. Later a journalist from a local radio interviewed us..."


"Faith in Poland is deep, with a special devotion to Mary, to the extent that in two places they reproduced a full size Lourdes Grotto, does this ring a bell to you Jean-Louis at la Ruche ?"


Michel : "After a few repair patches on my feet and on the Cariolla, sunshine that dries our clothes, the Via Regia goes on quietly, and there isn't any problem to find nice accomodations...


Two thirds of the way to go."

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