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Walking - marching on the Way of St James

28 Novembre 2010, 19:47pm

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This is the freshly printed poster the Paris non profit st James organisation Compostelle 2000 proposes on the Way in the city of light... Everyone is welcome on that 15 km walk dedicated to the plan to have bronze marks.AFFICHE-2344.jpg

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Bronze signs... walking in Paris can be marching

11 Novembre 2010, 15:42pm

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Welcome ! Compostelle 2000, the Paris non profit organisation schedules a walk on december 12, 2010.


A walk dedicated to the plan to see the streets of the French capital marked with bronze signs showing the symbol of the way of St James. Like many towns in France and abroad, Paris should have such signs. See Margaux near Bordeaux or the city of Tours,  two beautiful examples...


The walk starts from St Denis and goes on through Aubervilliers. You will enjoy seeing St Jacques - St Christophe church , the Tour Saint Jacques, Notre - Dame and St Jacques street. 


You should also have a little surprise...


Comments will be given in two places. The walk is 15 km long, widely open to everyone, no subscription needed. 


2 departure points :

-         9 h 30  Saint Denis Basilica (93)

                         Métro Basilique Saint Denis

-         11 h 30 Place de Bitche

                        Métro Crimée  XIXth in Paris for the ones who are busy in the morning.


End of the walk : Métro Saint Jacques ... in the afternoon. 


Bring your own packed lunch.


Need a map of the Paris subway system ?

Map :






More info : 00 33 (0)1 43 20 71 66


...  shall we meet  ?

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a Royal River on the way of St James

6 Novembre 2010, 23:48pm

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After Paris and Orleans (if you decide to walk or cycle straight ahead), 116 km in a gorgeous landscape are in front of you. A series of views on which the Mission Val de Loire work permanently to keep them natural.



Sorry, couldn't find it in English. The views anyway are the same ...

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