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Andree Putman a lesson for life and the Way

12 Février 2011, 10:05am

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Andrée Putman, French touch and elegance in design.



She became very famous after her work at Morgans, a hotel in New York. Few colours, and passion for space. A passion she learnt in her childhood. She spent her holidays at her grandmother's, a former abbey in Burgundy, France. Church, cloisters, chapter house, etc. of Fontenay are typical romanesque  buildings of the XIIth century.






"I cousciously harvested emotions, obsessions generated by geometry" she says.


She is not afraid by empty spaces and adds :



"Ruling over nothing,


that's not too bad" .

      220px-Abbaye de Fontenay-Eglise




Forget design, gorgeous mansions and deluxe hotels.


On the Way of St James, what does the walker look for ?


Cross space, carry few things, empty oneself.


And with very little be the one and only Master.

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Famous people on the Way of St James

5 Février 2011, 12:42pm

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Sketch by Artus for Crédit Coopératif

"So many people only look for fame - and the guy says :

I don't care, the only thing I want is to help people."


Here is a list of famous people who are or were on the Camino  :


For sure :

Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, French journalist, Godescalc, bishop, Elisabeth de Valois, princess, Aymeri Picaud, guide writer, Shirley Mac Laine, actress and writer, Louis the VIIth, king of France, Birgitta Tetersson, nicknamed Birgitt of Sweden, saint, Paolo Coelho, writer, Don Carlos, infant of Navarra, Yves Duteil, French singer, Guillaume the Xth, duke of Aquitaine, Jean Pierre Raffarin, French former Prime Minister.


Not so sure :

Giovanni di Pietro Bernardone nicknamed Francesco d'Assisi, saint founder of congregation and of convents, Nicolas Flamel, French alchemist and publisher.


Pretty sure he was not :

Charlemagne, emperor.


And in the future?

Stéphane Rousseau. The Canadien humourist decided he shall start his Way of St James in August 2011 for the benefit of Cancer Research.


Your name ? later...


Leave comments and suggest the forgotten ones.

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St Avertin St James way it's up to you

1 Février 2011, 21:28pm

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South of Tours, in France, you have to make up your mind at St Avertin. Just before the bridge, you may choose between two paths : 

-         over the bridge you'll find shops. The way has the European signs. And goes straight ahead to Veigné.

-         before the bridge the GR 655 trail on the left with red and white colour .


The second solution is a little longer (15 to 20 mn more) and you'll walk across the Larçay Forest, avoid the Chêne Pendu hamlet, and get to Veigné after La Forêt.


Of course, no shop in the middle of the countryside...

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