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Paris Way of St James 2nd Lecture at E2i

28 Mai 2011, 15:46pm

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Hiking, meditating, breathing, studying sciences, writing, calling for peace and happiness, all in one !




Photo André Weill


Second lecture organised by  the non profit association E2i on June the 24th, 2011, at 8 p.m. by André Weill. The first lecture was a real success, so we bet this one will gather a lot of people. Auditorium Maurice Ravel of le Perreux-sur-Marne (Val de Marne) RER Nogent-Le Perreux near Paris.


André Weill is a writer, a hiker, a pilgrim and has many activities.


Location : Le Perreux, via A4 ou A3, and A86 (Paris East side) or via RER :

a map of parisian transports ?








Book now !   More info here.

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On the Way of St James : Châteaudun

24 Mai 2011, 13:31pm

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                          Coming from Paris on the Way of St james, about 50 km south of Chartres, an impressive stop : Châteaudun.

© CDT 28


Photos Danielle Lopez and © CDT28



According to the dictionnaries of symbols, in dreams and in reality fortresses and castles are the symbols of protection. They give the impression they offer safety, like a house, but more so. 


On your way to Santiago, on foot or by bicycle, the châteaux you may see are like palaces and places of leasure.

South of Paris, apart from Madeleine Castle, Sceaux, Dampierre, Rambouillet, Guéville et Voisins are country and summer residences more than shelters to get refuge...


As you walk on the banks or the river Loir you'll discover the castle of Châteaudun ... A few bridges and watermills and you have the vision of these buttresses. It's the first castle of the Loire region. The first one on your way to the south. It's also the witness of the arrival of Renaissance  in middle age environment.


Tired ? Don't try to go downtown,

you would have to climb the 200 steps stairs...



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The Way of St James a definition

23 Mai 2011, 18:26pm

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It is very hard to describe the Way of St James.



So why don't we try to say what it isn't ?


The way of St James is not like the path in the shape of an "S" as shown in that scene of "Mon Oncle", the movie by Jacques Tati.


First of all, there are few bends : in spite of his fondness for the camino, the pilgrim is anxious to get to Santiago, so he likes the straight line.


The way is not fake, it is not covered with wooden boards.


There are fountains, but to drink or cool down only. There is fish, but in the streams, in the sea, on the plates... or in cans.


The women we meet there wear hats, but with a different shape. They are elegant, but not quite like that. No gloves, except when it is cold. The shoes are heavier, and for sure more reliable...


On the way of St James, you look at the ones you meet. You may speak on your own, but when on your own only... Life is simpler...


You'll see, after a few days on your way, you won't be so aware of how you look,


  You'll care about what matters...

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To follow the blog on the way of St James : the newsletter

13 Mai 2011, 20:47pm

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Welcome !



The colors of the Way          Photo  ©David MARTIN | blog.sushilabs.com


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It's this way :.............

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