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Way of St James Walking through Paris

20 Juillet 2011, 22:01pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

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On the Paris way of St James

So many traces of the Santiago pilgrims in Paris ! On less than six miles, you will find :


- a church dedicated to St James and St Christopher, patron saint of the travellers,

- the former home of abbots. The front of the building is covered with shells and other symbols,

- a ribbed vault showing all the equipment of the pilgrim in another church,

- a flamboyant gothic tower,

- a long street and its continuation (faubourg) ...   


And from the modern times :

- a sundial by a surrealist painter,

- a subway station called Saint Jacques... 


In the Saint Jacques du Hautpas church, dedicated to Saint James the Minor, you can see a beautiful statue of the Major close to the altar.


Definitely all along the Way of St James in Paris many traces of our favorite pilgrimage are remaining....


That is regardless to many signs apart of the direct Way : Sophie Martineaud, a specialist of the Way of St James, listed and described all the proofs that walking through Paris or leaving from the French Capital town is walking on the footsteps of many pilgrims in her book "Marcher à Paris sur les pas des pèlerins de Compostelle"...


Publisher : Rando éditions, for sale at Compostelle 2000 (see link)


and the best bookshops.

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The Pilgrims' Passport in the Traditionnal Style

16 Juillet 2011, 17:24pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Today the Credential, pilgrims' passport, is a piece of cardboard in several folds. Easy to show, easy to stamp it.


What did they look like in the old times ??


They looked like a letter, as simple as it may seem, like the one Tor Singsaas, bishop of Nidaros at Trondheim handed to the Europa Compostela relay, to wish "Pax et Bonum" to whoever would carry it and read it and the Fédération Française des Associations des Chemins de St Jacques de Compostelle, organisor of that relay to begin with.


"Please show respect and Generosity toward any pilgrim who presents this certificate"


Certificat de Pelerinage

Courtesy of Stein Thue

The major difference :


in the Middle Ages, the credentials were written in Latin...

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