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Bronze signs ... at Talence, near Bordeaux France

28 Août 2011, 22:23pm

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On the Paris Way, you'll walk across cities like Chartres or Orléans, Tours, Poitiers, Saintes, and Bordeaux. Leaving Bordeaux, you will enter Talence, a town with a university.




On the Way of Saint James atTalence    Photo Marie-Céline Lachaud


Talence has a young population : 34,8 % of the 41 000 inhabitants are between 15 and 30. After proposal from the local pilgrims' organization, the city council has offered and installed 30 bronze marks. As a welcome sign, and to help the pilgrim find his way..


Paris : 2 millions people ! If the capital city of France had these marks in the same proportions with the number of inhabitants, you would see 1464 pieces on the ground !


Compostelle 2000, the Paris non profit organization proposes 350 marks and three directions signs, so that the Way would be made obvious to all.


Several other towns of the same Way have their bronze marks : Tours, Saint Avertin, Margaux, Le Bouscat, Bordeaux, Gradignan, Poitiers. Not to mention many other places in France !


Link to the post on bronze signs at Tours

Link to the signs at Margaux

Link to the signs at Otrott

Link to the December 2010 walk dedicated to the projet in Paris


When will  Paris be equipped ?

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More and more pilgrims on the Way of St James

12 Août 2011, 08:51am

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Spanish Press



From the daily galician newspaper


In the June 11, 2011 issue, Sandra Cuina, a journalist of the El Correo Gallego daily, doesn't hide her amazement : since January Santiago de Compostela has been flooded with pilgrims. She evokes a tsunami ! 10 000 more pilgrims than in 2009 in the five first months !



Thanks to Christiane Delattre


Most of them come from abroad : 60 %. From Corea, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and South Africa. Fewer French pilgrims than German ones, although they live next door.


In two days only in June, the Pilgrims Office gave more than 1 000 Compostelas.


2011 will probably be another


record year....

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