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Way of St James Presents from Pilgrims

26 Février 2012, 23:51pm

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Presents ? How nice !




  Savouring books, enjoyable steps ... ph. J F F

Thank you so much for these presents received from readers ! An (empty) scallop shell, a book with a watercolour, a guide of the Paris Way of St James, and a box of chocolates.


One of them knows I love chocolates and chocolate. She reads a lot, walks across creeks barefooted even in Winter, she likes music and is planning to hike the Via de la Plata pilgrimage to Santiago soon.


The guidebook comes from my trainee ! She knows I can get lost sometimes. She will take the leave in almost two months, on the Paris Way and she's so glad of it !


The book and the shell were offered by the lady who dared take the Camino on her own, more than ten years ago. She taught me how to blog, well I followed her advices better in French than in English, but I do my best. She is planning to go on the Camino del Norte soon.


Why these presents ? No reason, just for the pleasure of giving and for my pleasure of receiving. I got other presents on the Way, clothes when I needed a better equipment, help when I was exhausted, gifts when celebrating was a must.


How do I dare receiving ? It's mainly a lesson, while I'd prefer not to get anything. A present you do not expect might make you thankful and you would not know how to take it...


To make it shorter, I conclude that the path we are living is full of gifts from Life and from the people you make acquaintances with. Thank you again !


Khalil Gibran : "Raise your soul ... with he who gives to you,


accept his gifts as if they were wings..."


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Statues on the Camino : Pons in France

24 Février 2012, 10:42am

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Pons, on the Camino, the Paris Way


The town of Pons, south of Poitiers and Saintes, has already been mentioned for its old hospital and about exhibitions. The city council has not hesitated long to honour the past, the present and the future pilgrims. A good surprise two pilgrims discovered a few months ago. 


In May 2011, Céline et Guillaume (25 years each), had started their camino on their own. They met somewhere on the way.





Was it in Picardy, in Ile de France, in Normandy, in Touraine, in Poitou, or in Saintonge ? They will tell us someday. Anyway they decide to walk together. 


As they pass by the beautiful romanesque Saint Vivien church, they discover five mates who seem to be waiting for them...




"We had fun taking these pictures, Céline says, and the statues posed very well !"


 The Way of St James is fun, now you know why the long distance hikers on the Way

have eyes that shine...


Thanks to Céline for the pictures and the idea.

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Way of St James a goldsmith at Nantes France

18 Février 2012, 11:33am

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On the Nantes Island, near the mouth of the Loire, and close to the West Coast Way of st James, Béranger opened a workshop a few years ago. He knows how to create a jewel, but he rather calls himself a craftsman.


Gold, silver, everything is handmade, slowly.


"Love, faith, fidelity, splendour... Since the dawn of Mankind, the jewel is linked to the highest feelings, to eternity." Béranger has decided to work for the Saint James pilgrims and their friends, and to create a collection of St James jewels.

P7270859.jpg  SILHOUETTE-A-POINTER.jpg  P7270862.jpg


The scallop shell has the leading position.


Le Creuset de la Création

Contact : contact@lecreusetdelacreation.com



Free ad.

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Paris - Tours Map and Highlights on the Way of St James

15 Février 2012, 09:09am

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From the Seine to the Loire  


PHOTOS paris compostelle

Paris Champ de Mars Photo J F F       To see the map click on the picture


The Paris Way of St James starts in Norway, you may make such a decision. Anyway, you need to know where you walk. Click on the picture and you'll have a general idea of where the path winds its way from Paris Tour St Jacques.


For more accurate maps ask the local associations : Compostelle 2000 for Paris-Epernon, Amis de st Jacques d'Eure et Loir for Epernon-Châteaudun, and so on to proceed further south. Same thing to get accommodation. Ask for their contact via a comment or find it here.


Have a look now at some of the highlights that you will discover on your way  :


- The Green Way (Coulée Verte), a park that makes leaving Paris easy and pleasant

- The St Louis du Temple Abbey at Vauhallan

- The Vaux de Cernay Abbey

- The Château of Voisins

- The Chartres cathedral

- The castle of Châteaudun

- The Loire River

- The Tours cathedral.


330 kilometers, i.e. 10 to 12 days or more, depending on how fast you walk, but remember : That's not a race ! Further south, more highlights...



Bon chemin ! Buen camino !

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A pilgrim passport : the credencial

13 Février 2012, 17:50pm

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First step



 In a previous post an old style credecial was mentioned.  What about today  ?

The name comes from the Spanish word el credencial, and it seems it's the same in every single country.


You will need that extra passport. Not to cross the borders, to get accommodation.


That piece of cardboard fullfills the same need as in the old time.


It shows the hosts, monks, farmers, hotel keepers, refuges "hospitaleros", that you are not a tramp nor a thief. You will be asked that document on your arrival everyday. Sometimes, it allows you a discount on museum entrances, for instance.




On your arrival in Paris, if you start your pilgrimage there, getting your credencial at Compostelle 2000* or from any other member of the Fédération Française des Amis des Chemin de Compostelle (F.F.A.C.C.) also enables you to stay in a F.U.A.J. Youth Hostel and you don't need a FUAJ member card.


Very useful if you stay overnight at Beaugency (via Orléans). Same thing in the Youth Hostel at Tours, a building in the Old City, equipped with almost 200 beds.


It is a real pleasure to have one's credencial stamped every day and see on that document that the pilgrimage is in progress...






The same document will be shown to the Pilgrims' Office in Santiago in order to receive another document in latin, with your name in latin ... 


  a document called the Compostela.

*26, rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris, France.

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Way of St James Paris area : Accommodation

12 Février 2012, 11:51am

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Strangers in the night



Maximilien Luce, Intérieur, 1890, 122 years ago.



The previous posts just showed you how to find your way thru the Paris Region. Now, where will you sleep ?


Compostelle 2000, a member of  Fédération Française des Associations  des amis des Chemins de Compostelle,

may help you.

Paris has a lot of hotels and some of them are very well located on the camino and regularly receive pilgrims. If you want to spend less, the Paris association will indicate you :

- Youth Hostels,
- Religious albergues,
- Bed and Breakfasts,

                 and even more for lower budgets,
- A couch or a bed in an appartment with a family .

Call Compostelle 2000 :
00 33 (0)1 43 20 71 66, Mon. thru Fri. 10 to 12 a.m. and 2 to 6 p.m.


Get there early, you will show your credencial.


Address :  26, rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris, France


How to get to Compostelle 2000 :





Coming from the North, the pilgrims take rue Saint Martin down. As soon as you see the Pompidou Centre (Modern Art Centre) take the street on the left (Rambuteau st.). Sévigné st. is the 8th street on the right. 26, rue de Sévigné is on the left side.

Welcome to Paris !

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To Santiago Verrières Forest - Vauhallan

11 Février 2012, 14:38pm

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Across the Paris Region 



Click on any map to see and download



Map nr. 5      8 km






  Ile de France, the Paris Region

Along the edge of the Verrières Forest, across the little valley of the Bièvre stream, and via the Igny Hights,


you'll get to the abbey of St Louis of the Temple


at Limon.


Other Maps to walk or cycle north-south across the Paris Region :

nr. 1  To Santiago Châtenay en France - Sarcelles

nr. 2  To Santiago Sarcelles - Saint Denis

nr. 3  To Santiago Saint-Denis - Paris St James Tower

nr. 4  To Santiago Paris St James Tower - Verrières Forest

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To Santiago Paris St James Tower - Verrières Forest

10 Février 2012, 21:00pm

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Departure point in Paris, the pillar of  St James square


Across the Paris Region




Click on any map to see and download




Map nr. 4      15 km






  The Paris region is called Ile de France

To leave Paris, France, is quick and easy :


Rue and faubourg St Jacques, walk or cycle  thru Montrouge and in a 14 km (8 miles) long peaceful park on the top of an underground railtrack :


  Coulée Verte.

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To Santiago Saint-Denis - Paris St James Tower

9 Février 2012, 18:13pm

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Au bord du Canal St Denis


Across the Paris Region




Click on any map to see and download




Map nr. 3       11.5 km






  Ile de France : the Paris Region

Walk across the park of the Legion of Honour in St Denis.


Along the Canal Saint Denis you'll reach the Cité des Sciences de la Villette, a Science Museum, go on southward along the same canal that becomes Canal St Martin, walk across Villemin Garden. Two narrow streets will lead you to rue du faubourg St Martin. Go straight ahead ... 


...to the heart of Paris, St James square.

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To Santiago Sarcelles - Saint Denis

8 Février 2012, 22:30pm

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Basilique St Denis


Across the Paris Region




Click on any map to see and download




Map nr. 2      7.5 km






  Ile de France : The Paris Region 

Straight ahead :


You'll walk or cycle across the old villages of Sarcelles and Pierrefitte.


Arrival at Saint Denis, rue de la République,  turn left 600 feet away east stands...


...the Basilica .

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