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Van Nederland St Jabik naar Santiago Way of St James

11 Mars 2012, 20:13pm

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On a bicycle



Gerard is Dutch. Aged 63, he's decided to leave from Friesland, the northernmost region of the Netherlands. More precisely from Sint Jabik, a small town (1300 inhabitants), near the Waddenzee.


"I intend to do a real pilgrimage, without unecessary comfort" he said. He started to bike on the 8th of March 2012. He is now crossing his country, will ride across Belgium, France (Reims, Paris, Tours and Bordeaux) and Spain.


You already know that people leave from further north, Norway or Germany (any example from Danmark ?) So this is an opportunity to discover another mile zero departure point to Santiago. 






Photos Gerard Van der Meer


At Sint Jabik (St Jacobiparochie), the City Council accepted the idea to erect a monument celebrating the Way of St James. On the church plaza an arch, or a gate (look here to see the symbol meant by doors and gates), and a vast and stylised scallop shell were set on the ground. More than 2040 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela the Great European Itinerary has been recognised.


Someday, in the Paris Region...

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Business on the Camino

8 Mars 2012, 20:17pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

God or Gold ?



The Temple merchants, Detail


Many pilgrims complain about the best known Ways of St James, either in France or in Spain. Too many people, too much money made.


Sometimes the albergues are full, or they will ask for money to use the kitchen, sometimes the way is changed to force you to walk by a new hostel, or some pure landscapes are spoilt by the view of soda vending machines...



So what will you do ? Will you follow the example of Jesus from Nazareth and chase the merchants from the Temple ?




Jesus chasing the merchants from the Temple

Jean Baptiste Thomas, 1822, St Rocco church, Paris

For so many centuries money and pilgrimages have been together... It's up to you, chase them if you wish, but do it peacefully. 


Keep peace in mind, non-violence has a lot of advantages.


Why don't you try a way without that kind of constant trade ? Such ways do exist, where you can meditate quietly, have pure relationship with the people. Look at the posts of this blog. 


You'll guess where they are.

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