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A Bench for Pilgrims on the Camino in Paris

2 Août 2012, 18:49pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

While the bronze marks are on their way...



A garden soon


See what happens in front of the cité des sciences et de l'industrie, a science museum, at la Villette, in Paris !


On the way that goes through Paris the museum is changing the plaza into a garden. The institution proposes to donate 1800 € a bench. The collected money will finance 3D models for the blind.


As you know, pilgrims sometimes wish to rest. It's such a long way ! Under a tree is even better. The way of St james is not a race, let's take it easy ...



  The future garden by the Way of St James (blue line)

Tempted to give ?


Just do as Anne and several others did : give 10, 20, 50  €uros or more, and a plaque  "Banc du Pèlerin" (Pilgrim's Bench") will be fixed on the seat. You'll get advantages from the cité des Sciences.


Information and subscription form on the 


blog "Le Banc du Pèlerin"

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