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The enigma of Manier, a pilgrim of Santiago

26 Octobre 2012, 19:44pm

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A piece of life


Only one part of Guillaume Manier's life is known. We are in the 18th century : he goes on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. A very picturesque story : the tailorman has a few adventures with his friends, adventures that no one could repeat today...









  Let's quote Jean-Claude Bourlès, in "Passants de Compostelle" (Petite bibliothèque Payot), about the group of pilgrims as they reach Saint Jean de Luz in the South-West corner of France :


"They've walked a lot already. And they've seen a lot of things. After having left their village of Carlepont, in Picardy (north of France) they got to Paris. The tailorman lists almost everything and shows an open mind. In the Sainte Chapelle, he is amazed by the quantity of relics.


He mentions Christ's Crown of Thorns, the diapers in which the Virgin Mary wrapped him, the iron chains that tied him, the table-cloth of the Last Supper, pieces of the Genuine Cross, the sponge and


the spear that wounded his side, the red dress, the rod which the Jews gave him as a skepter, part of the Holy Shroud, part of St John the Baptist's Head.


Then they went to Orléans, Blois, Amboise, Châtellerault, Poitiers and Briou(x), where they escaped from a raid by the bowmen of the militia, in a time it was frequent for foreigners to be sent to the Islands by force for any reason whatever... Wonderful Manier, who forgives them, the excuses of the arrestations were too frequent thefts or rapes by a gang of forteen bad boys ...                                                                                                        Lenepveu-_Jeanne_d-Arc_au_siege_d-Orleans.jpg


Actually he doesn't know and goes on to Aulnay (between Melle and Saintes) and reminds the "Big Fear" they had.  Further down, still on the Paris Way of St James, they walk across Saintes, and stop at Lajard early enough to see companions of Cartouche, "Bride les Boeufs", and his son "Bride les Vaches", tortured on the wheel on the public square. They carry on towards Blaye, Bordeaux, Gradignan, Dax, where Guillaume is surprised by a hot spring :


"It is a boiling fountain, neither square nor round in shape, it gives a smoking water on the street and every one can take it to wash the dishes. Once upon a time, a carpenter who was completely crazy fell into it. When they picked him up, quickly, his skin was peeling off"...


They resume their journey to Bayonne, where they stay overnight at Madame Belcourt's..."


And what about Spain ? And on their way back ? You'll know what happened ...

in a future article.


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Bordeaux on the Way of Saint James

5 Octobre 2012, 20:28pm

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From an author to another one

"Take Versailles, add up Antwerp, you'll have Bordeaux."

Victor Hugo.



Place de la Bourse Ph J F F 


And what connects the Flemish harbor to the most beautiful French port, through the Ile de France and Touraine ? The Way of Saint James of Compostela, of course ! 


CLOU-P1000944BIS-.JPGAt Bordeaux Ph J F F

                 The camino is an asset to the towns and villages it passes through.

The authorities of Bordeaux have understood it long ago. Bronze marks and plaques were placed throughout the city, about a hundred of them altogether.


You'll see them on Saint James st., the aptly named old way, which passes under the Great Bell, the belfry.


In that street Montaigne had his manuscript brought to the workshop of his printer.




Rue St James  Ph J F F


Is the taste for roaming and meditation hereditary ? The plaque notes that Ramon Eyquem, the 16th century French philosopher-traveler's grandfather, walked the way of Saint James to the end. 

He was 70 years old. 


From north to south, you will find good accommodation in the region :
after Margaux, refuge at Le Bousquat, youth hostel and diocesan hospitality at Bordeaux and near Talence, albergue at Gradignan.

Map    -  Bordeaux, on the Paris Way (via turonensis), south-west corner of France :


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A Hollywood Star on the Way of Saint James

3 Octobre 2012, 14:51pm

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  People !



  A Hollywood star

Shirley MacLaine is 78 years old now. Mischievous eyes, a natural energy. More than 53 films to his credit, not to mention television appearances.



In Two mules for a nun


It does not look like that, but she has long been interested in spirituality and metaphysics. She has practiced Transcendental Meditation, written a dozen rather New Age books, two of them about... the path she has traveled through the north of Spain, in the footsteps of the pilgrims of Saint Jacques de Compostela.



A heart


Not easy being famous. Along the way she met all kinds of adventures, dogs, exhaustion, delusion, visions, and, worst of all, the paparazzi !
She manages to escape them several times, and reaches the end of her way.



For ever in Deauville, France


In the Livre d'Or de Compostelle, one hundred legends and stories of pilgrims from the Middle Ages to the present day, with a preface by Max Gallo (Bayard), Sophie Martineaud retains what matters the most of that adventure. The actress reportedly said: "I knew that my real journey began

at the end that one. "


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