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Saint James in Paris : be a patron of the Pilgrim's Tree

26 Octobre 2013, 20:59pm

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A symbol of life





Do you know that soon there will be a pilgrim's bench in the City of Paris, France ? Donate for the tree now !


  The Way of St James has many branches in France. One of them winds its way through the City of Light. If enough donators participate, a tree, close to the Way, will be dedicated to the pilgrims. A plaque will make it official and the public will be advised. What will the money be used for ? For disabled visitors of a Science Museum nearby : the Cité des Sciences de la Villette. The money will be sent direct to the administration of the Museum.


Less than 600 €uros are needed to achieve the target. Look at le-banc-du-pelerin.blogspot . Find an automatic translator to have it in English. And celebrate with us next Spring !


How to donate : Click on Ecrire un commentaire at the bottom of this page.


We'll answer to you immediately.

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On her own towards Santiago de Compostela

8 Octobre 2013, 21:03pm

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Who else could you be ?



The gold of the Beauce      Ph. Danielle Desjouis


Marie, this is how the other pilgrims call her.


Like all long-distance walkers she is sensitive to encounters on the way. For her, they are the most beautiful moments. From some contacts with the inhabitants of the villages she keeps a clear, intact, intense memory . Marie says:


"The meetings range from the most important to the shortest ones. In Beauce, a very flat land south of Paris, the route goes straight so you might find it a little boring, and the kilometres seem longer that km. Near Brières-les-Scellées * I see a farmer driving his agricultural machine into a large building, a few hundred meters from the road.


I go there to ask for directions. Two people inside.


Before I had time to say anything but hello, the eldest said:


- To Compostela take the left out and then straight!


I asked him how he had guessed my question, he replied :


- On your own, on foot with a backpack, who else could you be ? ...


In other words, in spite of my expectancies, he was not kidding.



Even more the youngest one came out with me to the road to tell me specifically how to get to the next house I was looking for, which is outside the village

093---autre-aspect-de-la-route.JPG            The main road to Compostela    Ph. Marie France

                      and at some distance from the way..."




* North West of Etampes, South of the French capital city, on the Paris Way to St James of Compostela.

Thanks to MFB and DD.

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The Way of St James in Brussels, Belgium (2)

6 Octobre 2013, 19:59pm

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Brussel, Belgium, on the Way of St James on one side Photo J F F 


     Today's pilgrims have now a waymarked path thru the streets of Brussels. That's what a previous post explained.

                       Even better : at the exit of the old city they can dream of Santiago de Compostela.


At the Hal Gate precisely. On that spot, on the ground a surprise. The Xunta de Galicia, the local government whose headquarters are at Santiago has offered to the Belgians a big monument, in the shape of a menhir. The menhirs are these prehistoric pieces of stone erected by the Europeans throughout the continent thousands of years ago. Stonehenge is one of the many places where you can see them.


The granite menhir is close to a bronze shell and marks the departure point to the south and the south west. To Spain, but first of all, France and Paris.



               On  the other side Ph. J F F


Would you like to see that in Paris as well ? Write to the tourist Office, or to the City council : Monsieur le Maire, Hôtel de Ville, place de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris, and ask them to do the same thing. 

Paris deserves shells and St James monuments just like in many other towns in Europe and in France : 






and many other places of the camino...



         We are anxious to see that.

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