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Why walking the camino is good for you

16 Novembre 2013, 22:45pm

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Stand up and go !




A previous article showed that the feet are very important and help you stay fit and in a good shape. They are like pumps that make your blood circulation reach the perfect level. 


 http://www.medicalbillingandcoding.org has another explanation : sitting kills you. Just look at the pictures.



Sitting is Killing You 2


As you see, it's about time to stand up and walk, walk, walk...


on the camino.





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Marie on the Camino of Santiago

12 Novembre 2013, 21:44pm

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"Thank you"


PORTRAIT--5_1342989600_n.jpg           Every year, a party of 40 people help handicapped pilgrims do their pilgrimage during 15 days.





They left Paris in 2011. Last Summer they walked from Bordeaux to the Spanish border.


For the first time in 2013, Marie, a U.S. citizen, joined them. Steve, her husband, stayed in Rome (Georgia), and sent almost daily news via Facebook.


Example :


Day 7: Today a few quick observations at the end of her first week on the Camino, as gleaned from Marie's mid morning call.


The heat is still brutal. Most pilgrims are exhausted at the end of the day. The total length was sixteen miles. Every day the wheel chair folks start earlier than the others, so their support team can meet them at prearranged locations. Marie has ridden the support van for much of the day and will do that for most of the next two days.


After several days of close with contact with the special needs pilgrims, she now does not consider them as any different than others in the group. One lady who can only use one hand, captured Marie's heart today while helping her to eat, when she replied "Merci" after each bite. God's grace comes in many forms. After this first stop, the leader has a devotional then leads a song. When they resume walking, he requests that all remain silent for the next fifteen minutes.


Marie met three young men who have walked from Belgium. When they finish in Spain, the distance will be over one thousand miles.


Each day the food has been good, local, and prepared as only the French can do. Speaking of food, when Marie signed up she was instructed to bring her own plate. Now at last you can forget diets, calories, exercise, and those other weight loss fads. From simple observation over a week of food she has solved the mystery of why Americans weight more than the French. In fact she asked to reveal this discovery at the end of the trip in a short speech given by her in French to the group. This may be the world's shortest speech. Her amazing discovery, her T. J. Maxx plastic, unbreakable is about THREE times bigger than any other plate on the table. Think bread and butter plate for the French.


Now don't thank me I'm just here to help.




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Visit the St James Tower a major building on the Paris Way

6 Novembre 2013, 20:48pm

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After the Eiffel Tower, the other tower.



Troubles in the past : 1871


"Last Sunday, I passed near Tour St Jacques, in Paris ! Gorgious !"  a fascinated pilgrim said last Summer...


Tour St Jacques (St James Tower) is the former bell-tower of the St Jacques de la boucherie (of the butchers) church. A landmark of the City of Light aged 500 years, with history and beautiful legends, as usual on the camino. The starting point of the Paris Way was open to the public for the first time in July, August and September, Fri-Sun this year. An experience which should be done again every year.


The visitor climbs the 300 steps to get to the top, about 156 feet above ground. The equivalent of 16 stories while the buildings around have 8 stories only. A perfect viewpoint to the old city center.


You'll see Notre-Dame, the Pantheon, the Champs Elysées, the City Hall and above all, the way of Compostela that crosses the city on 6 miles, plus the nice wooded southern suburbs.


Congratulations to the association who convinced the City Council that such visits are possible without any risk.


Félicitations !

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Blessing and Camino de Santiago

4 Novembre 2013, 18:37pm

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Saint Gervais - St. Protais


Pilgrims sometimes wish some blessing on their departure.

To do so, the Church of St. Gervais - St. Protais in Paris is the best choice :



- The church is only two blocks away from the Saint- Jacques Tower . 


- Saint Gervais - St. Protais is a beautiful Gothic church.


- The stained glass windows are large, they boast four pilgrim scenes, if you include the pilgrims of Emmaus.


- This is the place where  the Monastic Fraternity of Jerusalem was founded thirty-eight years ago. The blessing is given there during Lauds. Morning prayer sung in polyphony is particularly moving.


You attend Lauds, you receive the blessing , you greet St Jacques Tower and the Way to St James will take you.



A St Gervais-St Protais church

B Hôtel de Ville (City Hall)

C St James Tower

D, E, F, G, H, etc. (out of the map) : the Way down to Spain...




Monastic life may be in the mind of the long distance walker. At the beginning of Christianity, the first monks did not live in fixed monasteries. They were homeless or living as hermits. Saint Benedict , with his rule " Pray , study and work," made the monks sedentary.


Along the way we live simplicity , silence, meditation. Normally, the pilgrim's day has many similarities with the daily life of a monk,

normally ...


Blessing Instructions: You will contact the community of the Monastic Fraternity of Jerusalem the day before departure at the latest, and arrive at the church before Lauds. Contact the blogger, he'll arrange that for you...

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