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Paris, a starting and meeting point on the Way of St James

8 Mars 2014, 22:34pm

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The Way of St James in Paris and its region 



Graph : J F F Tks to Ph. D.


Buen Camino !

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Monuments in Paris Way of St James 4

5 Mars 2014, 23:06pm

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A stone palm grove ?



From Saint Julien to Saint Séverin Photo J F F


You can't miss it : the church is on St James st., rue Saint Jacques 100 feet from the Seine river on the south bank.   


Pilgrim, enter the church. Find that twisted pillar. Similar to stems a plant, the lines end up with 14 ribs of vault. The column looks like a tree, a palm tree, that invites you to go on south...



Saint Séverin   Photo J F F


A guide would indicate you where the church also has traces


of the jacobean route...


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Twisted bell towers on the Paris Way of Saint James 2

2 Mars 2014, 17:26pm

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Twist again and again


24-259-copenhague-bourse-clocher.jpg     220px-Chaise_a_bras_Louis_XIII.jpg 89767464_o-merdersa-boukhara.jpg   serie-4-a-partir-de-dec-2013-0561-le-bernin-baldaquin.JPG our-savior-s-church-vor-cph.jpg   110px-Wingerd-lichtmast-houblon.jpg 220px-Fibonacci_spiral_34.svg-spirale-n-d-or.png   21483958-tricot-torsade.jpg

Copenhague x 2, Rome, Boukhara, etc.

After Reugny, you'll reach Tours, the main town of Touraine, by the Loire River.

In the City Center, you may visit the Musée du Compagnonnage. It shows collections of masterpieces made by hand by the best craftsmen in France who gather in families in a brotherhood ambiance. They used to travel on foot just like the pilgrims and on the same routes. 




There you'll understand that the twisted spires didn't come out from any devil's desire but from the human imagination and skill. 


PHOTOS A CLASSER encore plus 207     

Ph. J F F

PHOTOS A CLASSER encore plus 206

Ph. J F F


Have a look at a twisted column in Paris in St Séverin church ! 


Thanks to Aspirant Angevin for his support.


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Twisted bell towers on the Paris Way of St James

1 Mars 2014, 22:01pm

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An enigma ?



Jodoigne in Belgium :  Sainte Marie  church 


France has the biggest number of twisted towers in Europe : 35 out of 79.


The Paris Way has two of them. The first one is at Jodoigne, in Belgium, about 330 km (200 miles) from Paris. The town with its 13000 inhabitants is on the via Gallia Belgica, that links Hélécine near Brussels to the capital town of France.




The second one is at Reugny, a charming village south of Chartres, before Tours.


Wikipedia : « A 38 metres (114 feet) high bell tower built that way in order to resist to the winds. It has an octogonal spire twisted on itself from left to right by 1/16th, covered with slate on a square tower.»



Reugny, the bell tower Ph J F F 

What is your opinion ? Why do we have these twisted bell towers in Europe ? Is it to : 


- Resist to the winds as Wikipedia says ?


- Follow the wood that twisted in the wrong way when it dried ?


- Please to the eye of the passersby with the help of the skill of our craftsmen ?


- Or is it because of the nasty will of the devil, too unhappy to see more and more worshippers enter the churches when the shrines were built ?


Have a guess, and leave a comment !



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