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A young lady on the way of St James

4 Juin 2012, 13:58pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Tout feu tout flammes


  Santiago and pilgrimages are key words for Cornelia : In Spain she had a training period at the Pilgrims Office at Santiago.

In Germany she studied the pilgrimages for disabled on wheel chairs. In Ireland she works for the 'Irish Society of the Friends of St James and manages their facebook page. She's a member of a German Pilgrims Association, too.


"Why should I wait, she says, for my dream to be fulfilled one fine day that may never come? And off I went from Paris to Santiago and Finisterre with my backpack, walking sticks and a smile on my face...




Bus (2)

There are lots of stories to tell about my journey. The first exciting one happened in Paris when I was about to buy a pair of walking sticks. I was inside the shop "Au Vieux Campeur" at the corner of St James st. when a bus directly in front of the shop caught fire and everyone inside the shop had to be evacuated.


Bus (4)

It took about an hour until the flames were extinguished and I could continue with my shopping. The parisians say that never happens...


On the way I met many people and was amazed to see how vast the seascapes may be..."



By the  Loire River, France



At Chasseneuil du Poitou, France



At Hondarribia in Spain


100 days later Cornelia gets to the end of the earth.


"Enjoy the pictures ! One of them was taken in Spain by a fellow pilgrim who has later become my boyfriend. Well, this Way never lacks



At Santiago


to surprise me ! "

Photos Cornelia K. et Christoph H.

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