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All Alone on the Way of St James

11 Avril 2012, 16:03pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Colette leaves from Paris, France
P1010382-PORTRAIT-.JPG   Before retirement last year, Colette, with a Britanny origin, was a Works Controller for Parks and Gardens in a small suburban town of the Paris Region. Her favorite domain : trees and wooded spaces. A sweet voice, and eyes that never end smiling...

On April 10, 2012, she leaves her home and gets to the very heart of Paris. From St James Tower (close to Châtelet) she starts a 1740 km (1087 miles) hike to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.



Tour St Jacques in Paris Ph. J F F


Within four days she will be at Orléans. Then she will take the riverside path all along the Loire, will go across Tours and the Châteaux country, reach Poitou and in a little more than three weeks she will make it to Saintes.



West pillar of  St Jacques square in Paris Ph. JFF


After a short break she will resume her route from the same town.


The departure season has begun and after last winter when we saw several pilgrims who were not afraid of the cold, there are many departures from the St Jacques Tower in April and May.



Notre-Dame plaza Ph. J F F



Stamp at Notre Dame Ph. JFF


She does not show her anxiety to much, but we feel it in what Colette says and the way she says it. It's quite understandable... But if she likes trees, woods and forests, she will see plenty of them soon ! When you leave Paris, there is no  industrial zone to cross.



The shell in the net   Ph. JFF


Bernard, a member of Compostelle 2000, organises a new kind of help for the pilgrims. He offers them company for the first hours.


Four other volunteers of the Paris Association were there to encourage Colette, to walk with her. They promised her an unforgettable experience. And they wished her 


Buen Camino !

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