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Are you afraid of the Camino ?

30 Avril 2012, 08:07am

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Show some emotion...



The scream  Edvard Munch


An answer to a question from our friend Françoise : is it usual to be afraid to leave ? A terror that goes bigger and bigger as the departure date gets closer ?


The Vikings thought that fear was a proof of weakness. They were wrong, because they cannot say so today, they do not exist any more ! Their certainty has died as well...



Our friend Thorgal


Gentlemen, let's be honest  : although we are equipped, strong, brave, reliable, proud, trained and used to facing troubles, let's admit it , we sometimes feel a little fear before we go. Not as far as crying, men don't cry unless in the hide. But sometimes, a little more nervous, we feel our throat more, our heart beats louder, we may be troubled by a pain in he stomach...


Our friend René mentioned that, about the meetings organised at the 'Association Compostelle 2000 with the future pilgrims... Discreetly he used the words "scopes and fears" and "help him fight his own fears"...


Is fear useful ? Yes, it helps us in case of danger. It warns us and forces us to prepare better.


What are we afraid of ? To loose something. Our belongings, our health, our life. A whole story ! 


So, if you feel afraid, remember it's quite natural, and you can face it. All of us, our friend Isabelle, our friend Danielle, our friend Claire, our friend  Martine, our friend Lili, our friend Anne, our friend Rita, our friend Pierre, our friend Pierre-Marie, our friend André, our friend Hubert, our friend Valentin, our friend Bernard, our friend Bertrand, our friend Romano, and all those who cannot be cited here, all of us felt that fright.


But there is one thing you cannot be afraid of on the Way of St James : 


not to make new friends ...

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