Art on the Way of St James

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So many ways to enjoy the beauty of the world !



Sketch and watercolour : Martine Réau-Gensollen


Beauty is everywhere.

Amazing landscapes. Monuments of all kinds from the simplest chapel to the huge palaces,  monasteries and cathedrals. Through many styles, romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, Art Nouveau, contemporary, men have looked for the perfect shape, the ideal proportion and they go on searching.


Art is creation.

We could talk about photography for hours. Very often, you may see a pilgrim drawing a sketch or painting a view.

Our friend la pèlerine (et citoyenne du monde) drew and watercoloured  the Estella bridge. A monument which symbolizes a link between two worlds. The bending arches defies the depths of the space. This is the Way of St James : bridges represent the relationship with others. He who uses them raises his mind while in contact with other minds.

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