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Bronze signs... at Otrott Alsace France

4 Janvier 2011, 14:07pm

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Otrott lies under Mont Ste Odile, a well-known shrine in Alsace. The 1 600 inhabitants are used to pilgrims and pilgrimages...





Otrott fountain      from wikipedia


Several chateaux, one romanesque chapel, and above all (remember you're in France) a vinyard that has been making an excellent red wine since... 1109 ! No doubt about the year, the monks from Burgundy for sure arrived that year to bring the plant !



Photo : thanks to Isabelle Duchene (blog in the links)


In Otrott you may walk the st James Way easily. Just follow the bronze marks that the local non-profit organisation have fixed on the ground. Their name : Les amis de saint Jacques en Alsace. They also claim they have the casting frame made for them. They are members of the Fédération Française des chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostelle.


   Link to the marks at Tours


Link to the marks in  Margaux.



The bronze marks at Otrott    from Otrott Wikipedia page



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