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Bronze signs .. at Tours

12 Octobre 2010, 21:38pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Tours is an old and culturally rich city. For centuries and centuries walkers have gone through the town of Tours on their way to Santiago, coming from the north of Europe...


460 000 inhabitants, 23 000 of them are students. Concerts, theatres, shows of all kinds, festivals and renaissance chateaux around, theTouraine Region has a lot to offer ! 


And the "Tourangeaux" know how to welcome pilgrims :  les Amis de St Jacques en Région Centre, the local non-profit organisation proposed to have bronze signs on their streets. Subsidized by the local Département (county) they had 50 bronze signs fixed on the ground.



At the bottom of the Tours Cathedral  Photo J F F


The design shows the European symbol of the Way of St James.

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