Champeaux near Paris and Santiago de Compostela

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The Way of Saint James at the Champeaux Sacred Art Festival



© 2007 Michel Vauthrin/Cloître Saint Martin


Sunday 13th of june 2010 at 3 pm   -   Lecture and pictures

by Mr. Humbert Jacomet


A specialist in imagery on the Way of Saint James, Humbert Jacomet is often part of great international conferences. As a Pilgrim himself, he knows the Pilgrimage of Saint James of today as well as yersterday's.


The Collégiale of Champeaux, near Melun, Seine et Marne, France, has been  housing the Festival d'Art Sacré since 1983. Concerts and lectures on various topics every year. In 2010 the central theme of the Festival is "Travel "


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