Chartres a cathedral on the Paris Way of St James

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                          60 miles (ca 100 km) only from Paris to Chartres, i.e. four days on foot, one day and a half on a bicycle. And an amazing arrival !



cathédrale - blé

The nave has been compared to a ship sailing on an ocean of wheat fields so many times ...


The city of Chartres is like an oasis on a hill. After le bridges over the Eure, the gentle local river, you wind your way between the half timbered houses in the shade of the narrow medieval streets.


The cathedral is waiting for you.


Can you read French ? This is how Charles Péguy, a poet and playwright, who suddenly got back to christanism one Christmas evening of 1886 in Notre Dame de Paris describes Notre Dame de Chartres :


C'est la pierre sans tache et la pierre sans faute,
La plus haute oraison qu'on ait jamais portée,
La plus droite raison qu'on ait jamais jetée
Et vers un ciel sans bord la ligne la plus haute...  





(Another monument on the Paris Way of St James : here)


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