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Codex Calixtinus gone away... of St James

17 Septembre 2011, 20:26pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Call the police !




Bad news last summer from the cathedral of Santiago : the Codex Calixtinus was declared stolen or rather not found again, between the 3rd and the 5th of July 2011.


That Codex is a group of several books. 225 hand-written pages dated 1140. A new work when you compare it with the Book of Kells (820) so prettily decorated and proudly exhibitted in Dublin...


The chapter of the Cathedral was very upset for not even noticing immediately the Book had been stolen.


For the French the Book has some kind of importance for it contains the famous Aimery Picaud guide book that describes the many ways through France (and Spain) for the pilgrims aiming to reach the Disciple's tomb. The first camino guide book ever.


Music lovers are not happy either, as it contains as far as we know the first written traces of liturgical polyphony...


Thank God copies had been made before the theft, one of them is still exhibitted at the museum. A 2 500 € issue can be purchased at the cathedral shop.


The latest news say : "En los últimos días no se ha producido ninguna novedad destacable que permita descubrir al autor o autores del hurto"


In other words they have no clue about where the Book is.  Maybe the Codex Calixtinus will be kept for decades under the bed of a naive Frenchman who had imagined it should be given back to the French museums. Another story like the one of a famous painting stolen in Paris by an Italian patriot who wanted it back to Florence... the story of Mona Lisa...


And the Way of St James from Paris and many other points


would become famous throughout the world...

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