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From America to Santiago de Compostela almost there

18 Juin 2012, 23:19pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

In Spain



Our American friends regularly send news. A few words, some pictures, enough to make sure all goes well. Examples :


June 3, 2012, from Llanes : "We 've just finished our 56th day and there are 423 km to go out of 1800. "La vie est belle", still, but we've made a little change of lane.




Way of St James Sand and sea


We  have switched from the Camino Francès to the Camino del Norte. So, after two days of rest and visits at Burgos, we took a bus to Comillas. The Way is more difficult but the landscapes are very different. We will walk along the Ocean as far as Oviedo. Later we'll take the Camino Primitivo that will lead us to Santiago.
We are now on the coast of the Cantabric Sea."



Way of St James The Cantabric Coast


June 17, 2012, from Lugo : "Good morning everyone !

Here we are in the town of Lugo on the Camino Primitivo. Four more days and we get to Santiago. We totalize 1737 kilometres. Our shoes start to become worn out. We carry on although sometimes the weather doesn't help. The views are gorgeous and the people we meet too.

See you soon,

Daniel and Luce xxx"




Grandas de Salime

Remember that Luce and Daniel left from Paris on April 8, 2012. Before Spain, they crossed the south of Ile de France, the Paris Region, then Touraine, and Poitou, Saintonge, the Bordeaux Region, the Landes and the Pyrenees


The end of the Camino, 

the beginning of another Way...

Pictures L & D from Pointe-aux-Trembles

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plumbing supplies 19/06/2012 15:34

Tourism is very important thanks to the Way of St. James, particularly in Holy Compostelan Years (when 25 July falls on a Sunday). Following the Xunta's considerable investment and hugely
successful advertising campaign for the Holy Year of 1993, the number of pilgrims completing the route has been steadily rising. Following the Holy Year of 2010, the next Holy Year will not be for
another 11 years. More than 272,000 pilgrims made the trip during the course of 2010.

wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com 22/06/2012 11:44

Thank you for your comment, "Plumbing supplies" !

That data probably comes from the Spanish authorities. In France, it seems that there are fewer pilgrims on the Holy Years. For fear of beeing surrounded by a crowd all along the Way, probably !
Some French ways also take the camino as a potential touristic tool and it might be unfortunate.

Many others, and the Paris Way is one of them, are simply quiet, beautiful, authentic, real. So you can take them. And if you don't like too much trade on the Spanish Camino, take the north Way,
all along the Coast. Beautiful !

The statistics show that on normal years the number of pilgrims increases by more than 10 %.

Hope to receive news from you...