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Glorious spots on the Way of St James 2

10 Février 2014, 18:22pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Monuments in Paris



Time to go, Pont Notre-Dame    Ph J F F 





The previous post was about 2 monuments that are on the Way of Saint James when you walk through the Paris region.


Imagine you've stayed overnight in the City of Light, and the next day you resume your walk from the point where you stopped, i.e. the St Jacques Tower most probably.


Pont Notre-Dame and Petit Pont are the two bridges that enable you to go to the Left Bank of the Seine. 


The sky and the River are blue, it's a beautiful day. The tower on your right, with a gilded top, was part of the kings of France's Palace where they resided until the 14th century.


You are walking on the footsteps of the Middle Age pilgrims. They saw the same tower, the same cathedral of Notre Dame you may have seen the day before. It is still standing and is visited by 12 million visitors a year.






The camino is almost straight ahead. St Jacques (St James) street is calm in the morning.


In less than 2 hours you'll be out of town, in a peaceful and landscaped walkway.  


Buen camino, peregrino !




Top to bottom :




 St Denis Gate


St Jacques Tower

The City Island,


St Jacques st.








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