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Hiking the Way of St James - Future

27 Avril 2011, 20:38pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

To-morrow's man : a hiker, a pilgrim




The Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine in Paris, France, displays an exhibition called "The fertile city". The theme is about green spaces in towns. For those who have not understood the necessity of it yet. Nothig about the quality of the ground. Apparently the organisers should learn how important it is to grow food near the dwellings to save on transport and useless pollution.



Parks everywhere, and everyone will be happy ! ... The new thing is the way a human being is shown in such scenery.


  In a landscape  made with space, waters, plants of all kinds and architecture, how is mankind described ? 


The man in the picture looks like a pilgrim, or at least a hiker ! Standing, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a rock sack.



To-morrow's man, a pilgrim, a hiker.

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