Norvegian video on the way of saint james

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Do you know Torkil Faero ?                                           2549_72105437348_748727348_2682661_4018105_s.JPG


Open your eyes and your ears : this video by Torkil Faero is very moving.

It is typical of what you might live when hiking on that path.




The pilgrims who walk or bike from Norway to Santiago use the Paris way.


As Andrew Weill, a writer, a yoga teacher and a great walker says :

"The Way of St James is the International Road of Heart"


Torkil is an excellent photographer and a documentary director. His next target

is to shoot a film about Nidaros, an old pigrimage center in Norway.


To buy his 45 mn film

about the way of Saint James :

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Martine, la Pèlerine 14/06/2010 10:23

pourquoi est-ce que les larmes me viennent aux yeux lorsque je regarde des images comme celles-là ? 22/06/2010 12:01

Ah  ?  à toi aussi ?