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Nuitsromanes and the Way of St James

25 Juin 2012, 23:15pm

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Poitou–Charentes on the Paris Way




Romanesque is directly connected with the Way of St James, as if they were born together ! 


Wikipedia : "In France, the famous abbeys of Aux Dames and Les Hommes at Caen and Mont Saint-Michel date from this period, as well as the abbeys of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela...


The Crusades resulted in the transfer of, among other things, a great number of Holy Relics of saints and apostles




Many churches, like Saint-Front, Périgueux, had their own home grown saint while others, most notably Santiago de Compostela, claimed the remains and the patronage of a powerful saint, in this case one of the Twelve Apostles.


Santiago de Compostela, located near Galicia (present day Spain) became one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Europe. Most of the pilgrims travelled the Way of St. James on foot, many of them barefooted as a sign of penance. They moved along one of the four main routes that passed through France, congregating for the journey at Jumièges, Paris, Vézelay, Cluny, Arles and St. Gall in Switzerland."


The Poitou–Charentes region, so rich in pure romanesque churches organises 150 shows this Summer 2012. See what it looked like last year :




Among the shows, a fews spots that are on the Way : Poitiers, Lusignan, Melle, Saint Sauvant, Saintes... Entrance free for present pilgrims...


and the ones in the future.


Link to programme, map, etc. nuitsromanes.poitou-charentes.fr

Photos Région Poitou-Charentes

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