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Paris - Tours Map and Highlights on the Way of St James

15 Février 2012, 09:09am

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

From the Seine to the Loire  


PHOTOS paris compostelle

Paris Champ de Mars Photo J F F       To see the map click on the picture


The Paris Way of St James starts in Norway, you may make such a decision. Anyway, you need to know where you walk. Click on the picture and you'll have a general idea of where the path winds its way from Paris Tour St Jacques.


For more accurate maps ask the local associations : Compostelle 2000 for Paris-Epernon, Amis de st Jacques d'Eure et Loir for Epernon-Châteaudun, and so on to proceed further south. Same thing to get accommodation. Ask for their contact via a comment or find it here.


Have a look now at some of the highlights that you will discover on your way  :


- The Green Way (Coulée Verte), a park that makes leaving Paris easy and pleasant

- The St Louis du Temple Abbey at Vauhallan

- The Vaux de Cernay Abbey

- The Château of Voisins

- The Chartres cathedral

- The castle of Châteaudun

- The Loire River

- The Tours cathedral.


330 kilometers, i.e. 10 to 12 days or more, depending on how fast you walk, but remember : That's not a race ! Further south, more highlights...



Bon chemin ! Buen camino !

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