Statues on the Camino : Pons in France

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Pons, on the Camino, the Paris Way


The town of Pons, south of Poitiers and Saintes, has already been mentioned for its old hospital and about exhibitions. The city council has not hesitated long to honour the past, the present and the future pilgrims. A good surprise two pilgrims discovered a few months ago. 


In May 2011, Céline et Guillaume (25 years each), had started their camino on their own. They met somewhere on the way.





Was it in Picardy, in Ile de France, in Normandy, in Touraine, in Poitou, or in Saintonge ? They will tell us someday. Anyway they decide to walk together. 


As they pass by the beautiful romanesque Saint Vivien church, they discover five mates who seem to be waiting for them...




"We had fun taking these pictures, Céline says, and the statues posed very well !"


 The Way of St James is fun, now you know why the long distance hikers on the Way

have eyes that shine...


Thanks to Céline for the pictures and the idea.

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