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The Way of St James a definition

23 Mai 2011, 18:26pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

It is very hard to describe the Way of St James.



So why don't we try to say what it isn't ?


The way of St James is not like the path in the shape of an "S" as shown in that scene of "Mon Oncle", the movie by Jacques Tati.


First of all, there are few bends : in spite of his fondness for the camino, the pilgrim is anxious to get to Santiago, so he likes the straight line.


The way is not fake, it is not covered with wooden boards.


There are fountains, but to drink or cool down only. There is fish, but in the streams, in the sea, on the plates... or in cans.


The women we meet there wear hats, but with a different shape. They are elegant, but not quite like that. No gloves, except when it is cold. The shoes are heavier, and for sure more reliable...


On the way of St James, you look at the ones you meet. You may speak on your own, but when on your own only... Life is simpler...


You'll see, after a few days on your way, you won't be so aware of how you look,


  You'll care about what matters...

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