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The Way of St James in Brussels

6 Mars 2013, 19:18pm

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Brussels is not afraid to show its Way of St James.


(Soon a surprise in a future post).




  On the Way of St James in Brussels Photo J F F 


Night and day, Brussels is not afraid to show its Way of St James, needless to repeat it. In locations that are as picturesque as  the Louvain street, the la Montagne (a hill) street, the Grand-Place, the Marché au charbon (coal market) street, you have been able to see beautiful bronzemarks on the ground for more than 7 years.


48 nails guide the hiker - pilgrim through Brussels towards Santiago de  Compostela. A double direction, by the way. A few steps after the Notre Dame du Bon Secours church, the bronze marks line split : one branch leads to the Anderlecht Gate, south - west, close to the Saint James district, the other one leads you to Hal Gate. A proud gate that stands at the exit of the old town. Soon, in another article there will be a surprise in the area of that Gate...      PORTE-DE-HAN-ET-CLOU-P1010008--BIS-copie-1.JPG



In a nutshell the belgian capital has 163 210 "bruxellois". There is 1 nail for 3400 inhabitants.


Paris is closer to Santiago, has a St James district as well as many Jacobean traces too. The same Way winds its  route through the City of Light. If the City council of the French capital (2 000 000 people) equipped its streets in the same proportions, 588 nails would be needed !


Compostelle 2000, the Pilgrims Association in Paris proposes 350 nails and three signs. It's about time to show the Way of St James.


Several other towns of the same Way have their bronze marks : Tours, Saint Avertin, Chatellereault, Poitiers, Margaux, Le Bouscat, Bordeaux, Gradignan. Not to mention many other places in France !


Link to the post on bronze signs at Tours

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Link to the December 2010 walk dedicated to the projet in Paris


When will Paris be equipped ?

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