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Way of Saint James Monument 3

22 Septembre 2011, 19:00pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Hora fugit ambulat peregrinus




An amazing ad for a chocolate brand that doesn't exist any more ! Salvador Dali says "I'm crazy" ! But he was not insane : for a friend he designed a sundial on a house in Paris. The artwork faces the south and is on the Way of Saint James, St James st. in Paris (5th district).


Few pilgrims see it, as they head for their target and forget to look back from time to time. 



The Way, a solar system   Photo J F F

Paris may be completely surrealistic : Far away from the sea, such a huge scallop shell ! It is situated at 29 rue saint Jacques, but that nr. doesn't exist ...  And the Buen Camino  wish comes from burning blue eyes...


More faith that reason, desire more than science : anyway, pilgrim, that is just the start


of an incredible surrealistic Way.


Want to know more ? 

Link to the St James St Christopher church in Paris 

Link to the Saint James Tower in Paris

Link to the pilgrims way in the Paris region 


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