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Way of St James A mistaken stained glass window

8 Décembre 2012, 23:07pm

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You should learn how to get dressed



Vendôme, a few steps south of Châteaudun is on the way to Compostela. A chapel of St. Jacques, an alignment of bell-towers, a fortified gate, a castle, an extraordinary welcoming population when you get in contact with the local associations.

Vendôme lies after Cloyes, before Chateau-Renault. It is by the river Loir (without e).















Trinity  Ph J F F

The Abbey Church of the Holy Trinity shows an amazing flamboyant gothic style into which the light flows endlessly.

When you look at the 16th century window that boasts St James, sided by St Christopher, one might not notice a mistake immediately. Look at it, there is something wrong.

Inattention? Malicious act from the windows installer?



Nobody's perfect  Ph J F F


Look at the low part of the dress :

It doesn't seem to fit. Guess what is wrong ? Leave a comment.

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