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Way of St James Video by Gabriel Diaz

20 Septembre 2011, 07:53am

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Another look at the Camino



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Gabriel Diaz is a video artist. He uses images to show the stretch of the Way of St James.


Gone alone on the roads and the paths, like a pilgrim, he walked six different parts of the Camino. "Three years of "intense work", he says. While walking, he took a picture every 11 steps. Why eleven ? And why not ?


From these thousands pictures, which he put together, he has created troubling and moving videos. The kind of shaking effect reproduces the movement of the pilgrim quite well. 


Images that seem to come from a dream (or a nightmare sometimes). And this is not the work of a journalist, it is an artist's work.


Are you planning to follow his steps ? Don't be afraid, pilgrim. To the strange aspect of an empty way, your imagination must add the song of the wind and of the birds, the cheers of the people living nearby, the lights of the rising sun, the fires of the sunsets, the crossing of beautiful cities like Paris, Chartres, Tours, Bordeaux, Burgos and Leon, the happiness of getting further, the encounters, good relationship, sharing food and loughter, hospitality by volunteers, small and great events, and the lucky happenings...


which the way is preparing for you.

Another amazing video here.

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