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How you meet people on the Way of St James

10 Septembre 2012, 19:39pm

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The right Way


P1010806 bis -copie-1

Rue de la République at Saint Denis Ph. J F F






From Lille, north of France,  Philippe and Anne-Marie have been walking for two weeks :


Across Picardy and Amiens, thru the Oise river, and the region of Chantilly, they've made it straight ahead to Saint Denis, on a market day...


In front of the Basilica and the City Hall they meet two long distance walkers with scallop shells on their bag, too.


Willemijn and Dirk spend part of their vacations every year to go to Santiago de Compostela.


They will reach the Holy place in three, four or five years. 



P1010814-copie-1.JPG From Amersfort, from Lille, come the pilgrims Ph. J F F



They know they are on the right Way to get there. A reporter is on the spot. Good opportunity for a group picture that is soon to be published in the news...


Le Parisien, August 15, 2012

Our pilgrims decide to carry on and reach the City Centre of Paris ...


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