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Nuitsromanes and the Way of St James

25 Juin 2012, 23:15pm

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Poitou–Charentes on the Paris Way




Romanesque is directly connected with the Way of St James, as if they were born together ! 


Wikipedia : "In France, the famous abbeys of Aux Dames and Les Hommes at Caen and Mont Saint-Michel date from this period, as well as the abbeys of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela...


The Crusades resulted in the transfer of, among other things, a great number of Holy Relics of saints and apostles




Many churches, like Saint-Front, Périgueux, had their own home grown saint while others, most notably Santiago de Compostela, claimed the remains and the patronage of a powerful saint, in this case one of the Twelve Apostles.


Santiago de Compostela, located near Galicia (present day Spain) became one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Europe. Most of the pilgrims travelled the Way of St. James on foot, many of them barefooted as a sign of penance. They moved along one of the four main routes that passed through France, congregating for the journey at Jumièges, Paris, Vézelay, Cluny, Arles and St. Gall in Switzerland."


The Poitou–Charentes region, so rich in pure romanesque churches organises 150 shows this Summer 2012. See what it looked like last year :




Among the shows, a fews spots that are on the Way : Poitiers, Lusignan, Melle, Saint Sauvant, Saintes... Entrance free for present pilgrims...


and the ones in the future.


Link to programme, map, etc. nuitsromanes.poitou-charentes.fr

Photos Région Poitou-Charentes

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From America to Santiago de Compostela Arrival

22 Juin 2012, 09:52am

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Happy and unhappy


DEVANT LA PORTE DE SANTIAGO G 2426[1]Last departure


Expected news :  Daniel and Luce who started their Camino from Paris have just sent a message.


"Hello everyone from Spain, more precisely from Santiago de Compostela !


Seventy three days later and one thousand eight hundred and fourty kilometres further, here we are on the plazza of the Saint James cathedral.




All kinds of feelings... We lack words. We feel proud, tired, glad that the camino is over and sad it ends altogether. It's as if we were "on a cloud". It's hard to realise that it is over.


Pilgrims Mass at noon. A very moving ceremony. We've been lucky to see the swinging Botafumeiro (see internet about the swinging), a giant vessel made for burning incense.


Quite a show ! We were right in the axis of the swing. WOW !


We are spending two days in Santiago to rest and Friday we will visit Finisterra. Then a bus will take us to Portugal.



By the way, we go on planning to get married. Our rings have been blessed in Spanish and in German  :))) No kidding  !


Till late,

Daniel and Luce, former pilgrims and pilgrims in our heart".


These last words mean a lot. Seventy three days of walk, efforts, silence, nature, people met, and probably other things as well, have been enough to deeply transform Luce and Daniel.


Congratulations to both of you, for everything :


the past, the present and the future.

To follow their pilgrimage from the start, links :

- Our meeting in Paris

- The departure from Tour Saint Jacques in Paris

- News from near Tours after the first steps

- What they said about their pilgrimage once in the south of France

- Information from Spain.

Photos D and L from Pointe-aux-Trembles, Canada

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Abbeys and chateaux along the Paris Way of St James

20 Juin 2012, 22:27pm

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Before Chartres, Vendômois and the Loire Chateaux



Early sight : Sceaux, from the Way of St James 

Photo JFF


A trail of abbeys and chateaux, that should be the other name of the Paris Way of St James via Chartres !


In 3 or 4 days, you'll admire (in the order) the Sceaux chateau (classical), the Vauhallan church (simple), the abbey of Limon (religious), the castle of la Madeleine (médieval), the Coubertin chateau (sports), Dampierre chateau  (panoramic), the abbey of les Vaux de Cernay (luxury), the château of Rambouillet (presidential), the Guéville chateau (apart), the Gazeran church (quiet), the Prieuré Saint Thomas at Epernon (welcoming) and in winter the chateau of Voisins (grandiose).


Add monuments that are famous for their  spirituality and the importance of knowledge right in the centre of the French capital : Tour St Jacques, Notre-Dame, Saint Séverin church, Collège de France, Sorbonne, Lycée Louis le Grand, Panthéon, Saint Jacques du Hautpas church, Val-de-Grâce...


You might not have the time to visit them all. At least, you can rest a while near the parish churches, attend the vespers, or picnic in the perpectives designed by André le Nôtre ...


... the master of French garden design.

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From America to Santiago de Compostela almost there

19 Juin 2012, 00:19am

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In Spain



Our American friends regularly send news. A few words, some pictures, enough to make sure all goes well. Examples :


June 3, 2012, from Llanes : "We 've just finished our 56th day and there are 423 km to go out of 1800. "La vie est belle", still, but we've made a little change of lane.




Way of St James Sand and sea


We  have switched from the Camino Francès to the Camino del Norte. So, after two days of rest and visits at Burgos, we took a bus to Comillas. The Way is more difficult but the landscapes are very different. We will walk along the Ocean as far as Oviedo. Later we'll take the Camino Primitivo that will lead us to Santiago.
We are now on the coast of the Cantabric Sea."



Way of St James The Cantabric Coast


June 17, 2012, from Lugo : "Good morning everyone !

Here we are in the town of Lugo on the Camino Primitivo. Four more days and we get to Santiago. We totalize 1737 kilometres. Our shoes start to become worn out. We carry on although sometimes the weather doesn't help. The views are gorgeous and the people we meet too.

See you soon,

Daniel and Luce xxx"




Grandas de Salime

Remember that Luce and Daniel left from Paris on April 8, 2012. Before Spain, they crossed the south of Ile de France, the Paris Region, then Touraine, and Poitou, Saintonge, the Bordeaux Region, the Landes and the Pyrenees


The end of the Camino, 

the beginning of another Way...

Pictures L & D from Pointe-aux-Trembles

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Evening on the Way of St James

12 Juin 2012, 22:01pm

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Remember, pilgrim...



Spring in Paris on the Way         Ph. J F F


... there is no thorn without a rose.

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A young lady on the way of St James

4 Juin 2012, 14:58pm

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Tout feu tout flammes


  Santiago and pilgrimages are key words for Cornelia : In Spain she had a training period at the Pilgrims Office at Santiago.

In Germany she studied the pilgrimages for disabled on wheel chairs. In Ireland she works for the 'Irish Society of the Friends of St James and manages their facebook page. She's a member of a German Pilgrims Association, too.


"Why should I wait, she says, for my dream to be fulfilled one fine day that may never come? And off I went from Paris to Santiago and Finisterre with my backpack, walking sticks and a smile on my face...




Bus (2)

There are lots of stories to tell about my journey. The first exciting one happened in Paris when I was about to buy a pair of walking sticks. I was inside the shop "Au Vieux Campeur" at the corner of St James st. when a bus directly in front of the shop caught fire and everyone inside the shop had to be evacuated.


Bus (4)

It took about an hour until the flames were extinguished and I could continue with my shopping. The parisians say that never happens...


On the way I met many people and was amazed to see how vast the seascapes may be..."



By the  Loire River, France



At Chasseneuil du Poitou, France



At Hondarribia in Spain


100 days later Cornelia gets to the end of the earth.


"Enjoy the pictures ! One of them was taken in Spain by a fellow pilgrim who has later become my boyfriend. Well, this Way never lacks



At Santiago


to surprise me ! "

Photos Cornelia K. et Christoph H.

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