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Art on the Way of St James

30 Juillet 2010, 16:41pm

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So many ways to enjoy the beauty of the world !



Sketch and watercolour : Martine Réau-Gensollen


Beauty is everywhere.

Amazing landscapes. Monuments of all kinds from the simplest chapel to the huge palaces,  monasteries and cathedrals. Through many styles, romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, Art Nouveau, contemporary, men have looked for the perfect shape, the ideal proportion and they go on searching.


Art is creation.

We could talk about photography for hours. Very often, you may see a pilgrim drawing a sketch or painting a view.

Our friend la pèlerine (et citoyenne du monde) drew and watercoloured  the Estella bridge. A monument which symbolizes a link between two worlds. The bending arches defies the depths of the space. This is the Way of St James : bridges represent the relationship with others. He who uses them raises his mind while in contact with other minds.

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Santiago de Compostela under the stars

29 Juillet 2010, 08:50am

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A great show in Galicia.


When saint James day is on Sunday the year is considered as a holy year. In 2010 a few pilgrims had accomodation problems. Who cares when on their arrival they are offered such an unusual show ! 



Photos : Thanks to Cicugapa

Next St James year : 2021,

but the present one is still running...

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A Pole in Paris on the Way of St James

25 Juillet 2010, 16:46pm

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Lukasz Zych lives in Krakow, Poland.


He has decided to walk the Way of St James. And on the way he made a stop in Paris.



Photo Christine Daublain


On July 25, he was near the St James Tower, in the middle of the Capital of France where other pilgrims celebrated this special day. We were glad to see him join us.


Tomorrow he will hit the road again towards Spain. He should be in Oviedo next month. There he will start his walk and he is due to arrive in Santiago de Compostela during the 3rd week of August.


Over 300 km on foot.


We wish Lukasz an excellent pilgrimage

Ultreïa !

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Maps Way of Saint James Through Paris

23 Juillet 2010, 21:49pm

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When the river Seine had 4 islands...


On request from Martine, la pèlerine

who paints beautiful watercolours and wanted a map...




Sixième plan de la ville de Paris, et son accroissement, depuis le commencement du Règne de Charles VII l'an 1422, jusqu'à la fin du règne d'Henry III l'an 1589 par Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (1697-1782). Source BNF – Gallica.




A scheme for today and tomorrow's pilgrim :




The north-east way, from the Flanders, the Netherlands, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia is the most pleasant way to enter Paris.

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Europa Compostela Gets To Chartres

19 Juillet 2010, 23:31pm

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July 12, 2010


From Epernon to Chartres : 30 km.

Far away before Chartres the two spires of the Cathedral can be seen.

Splendour of Gothic, smiles on stone and cast iron...




P1070045-BIS.jpg  P1070085-BIS.jpg  P1070123-meme-la-bouche-d-egout-sourit.JPG

Photos Virginie Balus


The batons are transmitted to the Chartres pilgrims.



Photos Compostelle 2000


  No wonder : Mission accomplished,

1625 km "only" to go...

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Europa Compostela One Day Before Chartres

19 Juillet 2010, 23:21pm

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July 11, 2010.




Departure in front of the Rambouillet Chateau. Big smiles as the fine weather is back. The party winds its way through the village of Gazeran and near the saint Hilarion pond. 






At Epernon, a welcome drink was offered by the City Council in a gorgeous sandstone voulted room. Pilgrims from Chartres and Normandy were here.


P1060999-BIS-copie-1.jpg  P1070001-BIS-copie-1.jpg


Declarations and toasts...


Next day : arrival at Chartres.

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Europa Compostela One day further

19 Juillet 2010, 18:16pm

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July 10, 2010.


On Saturday cloudy skies make it easier. A storm and a heavy rain end the day ...


Best pictures ...


Photos Babette, Virginie Balus, Christiane Delattre, Compostelle 2000



The team that walks towards Orléans met the following team at Etampes.


On Sunday the party towards Chartres goes as far as Epernon.

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Europa Compostela south of Paris

19 Juillet 2010, 16:36pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

July 9, 2010.

Soon you will see a map of the Paris region and realize that south of the City of Light you may have a choice to make : Orléans or Chartres. Both ways are interesting and each town has its own local non profit organisation which for Europa Compostela is ready to receive the walking sticks and the books...


That's why our team divided in two !



Photo Virginie Balus


While a party walked towards Saint Rémy les Chevreuse, the other one went on straight south towards Arpajon.



Photo Babette


Very hot weather, a typical temperature for July.


Next post : a best of from July 10, 2010

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Europa Compostela departure from Paris

10 Juillet 2010, 10:53am

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July 8, 2010.  The Europa Compostela group in front of the Saint Jacques du Haut Pas church.

You will notice : bourdons, backpacks, hiking shoes, the name of the street, the general good mood and ... one scallop shell.



Photo Compostelle 2000


The bicycles in Paris are on their way, the pilgrims too !



Photo Virginie Balus


After Paris and Montrouge, the path has trees and shade, it's the Green Way.


Further south, one part of the group walks to Igny, towards Chartres, the other one to Palaiseau, towards Orléans.

21 km any way.


  19 to 20 km the next day,

the walk and the heat wave go on ...

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Europa Compostela gets to Paris

9 Juillet 2010, 18:33pm

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From Sarcelles, the Way of Saint James heads south. The pilgrims walk through Saint Denis where, in the first gothic cathedral, today a basilica, the Kings of France were buried...


     PHOTOS-A-CLASSER-2-105-BIS.jpg         PHOTOS-A-CLASSER-2-106-BIS-.jpg


Along the Saint Denis Canal and old style locks they enter Paris proper near La Villette, a beautiful park with red pavillons and a Science museum.




On July 7, 2010, the Europa Compostela pilgrims finally reached the Saint James Tower, right in the middle of the French Capital. On the south bank of the Seine, via Saint Jacques street, in a specially hot Summer afternoon, they ended the day at the Saint Jacques du Haut-Pas church.


On the next day, they hit the road again.

You will see them... tomorrow !

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