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Are you afraid of the Camino ?

30 Avril 2012, 09:07am

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Show some emotion...



The scream  Edvard Munch


An answer to a question from our friend Françoise : is it usual to be afraid to leave ? A terror that goes bigger and bigger as the departure date gets closer ?


The Vikings thought that fear was a proof of weakness. They were wrong, because they cannot say so today, they do not exist any more ! Their certainty has died as well...



Our friend Thorgal


Gentlemen, let's be honest  : although we are equipped, strong, brave, reliable, proud, trained and used to facing troubles, let's admit it , we sometimes feel a little fear before we go. Not as far as crying, men don't cry unless in the hide. But sometimes, a little more nervous, we feel our throat more, our heart beats louder, we may be troubled by a pain in he stomach...


Our friend René mentioned that, about the meetings organised at the 'Association Compostelle 2000 with the future pilgrims... Discreetly he used the words "scopes and fears" and "help him fight his own fears"...


Is fear useful ? Yes, it helps us in case of danger. It warns us and forces us to prepare better.


What are we afraid of ? To loose something. Our belongings, our health, our life. A whole story ! 


So, if you feel afraid, remember it's quite natural, and you can face it. All of us, our friend Isabelle, our friend Danielle, our friend Claire, our friend  Martine, our friend Lili, our friend Anne, our friend Rita, our friend Pierre, our friend Pierre-Marie, our friend André, our friend Hubert, our friend Valentin, our friend Bernard, our friend Bertrand, our friend Romano, and all those who cannot be cited here, all of us felt that fright.


But there is one thing you cannot be afraid of on the Way of St James : 


not to make new friends ...

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From America to Santiago de Compostela arrival at Tours

21 Avril 2012, 08:37am

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So good to rest !


You can stand the bad weather with the right equipment. Luce and Daniel have had to face the wind, the rain, and lower temperatures than when they landed 25 days ago. Who cares ? They are now 300 kilometres (187 miles) away, at Tours.

On april 14, their 7th walking day, they were at Beaugency at the entrance of the "Garden of France" (the Châteaux Country). Their pilgrimage includes a long beautiful stretch by the Loire River, considered as a wild and royal river. They love the views, the architecture et the local products...                                        

On april 17, near Tours, they go on feeling they aching body and have a few blisters. Thank God they may find good resting moments when, at the end of the day,  they share friendship and the typical French drink... La vie est belle.



Photos Dalu

Cheers and  Buen Camino !

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All Alone on the Way of St James

11 Avril 2012, 16:03pm

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Colette leaves from Paris, France
P1010382-PORTRAIT-.JPG   Before retirement last year, Colette, with a Britanny origin, was a Works Controller for Parks and Gardens in a small suburban town of the Paris Region. Her favorite domain : trees and wooded spaces. A sweet voice, and eyes that never end smiling...

On April 10, 2012, she leaves her home and gets to the very heart of Paris. From St James Tower (close to Châtelet) she starts a 1740 km (1087 miles) hike to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.



Tour St Jacques in Paris Ph. J F F


Within four days she will be at Orléans. Then she will take the riverside path all along the Loire, will go across Tours and the Châteaux country, reach Poitou and in a little more than three weeks she will make it to Saintes.



West pillar of  St Jacques square in Paris Ph. JFF


After a short break she will resume her route from the same town.


The departure season has begun and after last winter when we saw several pilgrims who were not afraid of the cold, there are many departures from the St Jacques Tower in April and May.



Notre-Dame plaza Ph. J F F



Stamp at Notre Dame Ph. JFF


She does not show her anxiety to much, but we feel it in what Colette says and the way she says it. It's quite understandable... But if she likes trees, woods and forests, she will see plenty of them soon ! When you leave Paris, there is no  industrial zone to cross.



The shell in the net   Ph. JFF


Bernard, a member of Compostelle 2000, organises a new kind of help for the pilgrims. He offers them company for the first hours.


Four other volunteers of the Paris Association were there to encourage Colette, to walk with her. They promised her an unforgettable experience. And they wished her 


Buen Camino !

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The Camino from far away

10 Avril 2012, 18:24pm

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Unexpected pilgrim



One, two, three, go !  Ph. VB


Big surprise for our Canadian friends when they were at the Saint James Tower, the starting point in Paris on April 8, 2012 : a third pigrim was there, ready to go.

Alain has come from New Caledonia for the only purpose to walk the Way of St James on the via turonensis. Noumea, the capital town of that French territory is almost the antipody of France. Only New Zealanders come from a further place.


Alain is 74 and has done the camino in many ways already.




West pillar  Ph. VB



Before he took off from his home place, Alain was interviewed by the local newspaper. "Les nouvelles calédoniennes" published an article about him on March 22. As the pilgrim says, apart from religious and spiritual motivations, many long distance walkers choose the camino to "visit regions far from major busy routes, have time, meditate, get away from the daily routine, or live a simple human experience."

According to the paper, it seems that about ten New-Caledonians have walked the Way of St James in the past years.


How many Canadians ?

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From America to Santiago de Compostela Paris

5 Avril 2012, 21:22pm

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Luce and Daniel


What a nice visit at Compostelle 2000 this morning ! The Paris association received two pilgrims from America :


Luce and Daniel  left Montreal three days ago to walk from the French capital to Santiago de Compostela on the Way of St James.


Our cousins from America already know a lot of things about the Way : "We've been preparing that journey for four years !" they say.



A departure sign Ph JFF



The windmill at Pointe-aux-Trembles, waiting for the ones in French Beauce. Ph. Jeangagnon


In Canada they took part to the Meeting organised by the local association and trained and trained again, jogging and hiking. No doubt the backpacks were checked many times...



They are starting their Camino with a real pilgrim spirit. Like Christian they have decided not to book their nights in advance, they will see all along the good surprises that the Way is preparing for them. Some very nice acquaintances for sure. And they are still amazed by the low price of the local productions here, wine for instance...





Three days to go. Ph. JFF


At Compostelle 2000 they got some extra information about the best way to get out of Paris easily. And how to get in touch with the local volunteers who may help them to be welcome in families on their way...


Seventy-five days to make their dream come true. A dream that could be the journey of their life. Listen to that whispered secret : they might buy two rings on the way, have them blessed, and if all goes well, back to Canada, a ceremony would take place...


The first step will be on Easter Sunday at 9 at the Saint James Tower. Some pilgrims might walk with Luce and Daniel as a goddbye gift. We warmly wish them an excellent camino


in France, in Spain and for the rest of their life !

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