Politicians on the Way of St James

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In Scandinavia the politicians do   personally support the Way of Saint James.


Stein Thue, our Norvegian friend reports : A lot of volonteers, mere hikers or political leaders took part to Europa Compostela, the splendid relay throughout Europe (see the link).


  "Several mayors had the great honor and pride to hold the walking stick through their towns.


  In Rennebu for instance, 12 participants volonteered, one of them was the mayor, all of them carried the "bourdon" (stick). The local newspapers published detailed reports about the relay."


img 7878 resizebourdon dans la neige


Stein Thue, adviser of the city of Trondheim, goes on : "My motivation for participating in the EC2010 was Maria's invitation and the wonderful idea of connecting the Scandinavian pilgrim ways with the caminos of Europe." (Maria Guerra is the Chairwoman of French Pilgrims Federation)


Besides that, due to the season, in many places the Way was covered with snow...

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