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The Enigma of Manier a pilgrim of Santiago 2

13 Novembre 2012, 22:03pm

Publié par wayofsaintjames.over-blog.com

Where is he ?


Adrian van Ostade      Fight    (fiction ndlr)

One can imagine Guillaume Manier, mentioned previously : a burly guy, strong enough to do battle if necessary. Like all the others, or almost, he needs company in order to better defend himself. For enemies and dangers are not uncommon in the eighteenth century ! Sometimes the problems come from the group itself ...

The journey resumes in the South West of France (map).

"Originally he goes along well with his companions, but the discord settles disputes again and again. He therefore wants to leave the band, but, fearing to be alone in Spain, he bribes Delorme who betrays reporting his intentions to others. They squabble. One conflict escalates, then two, but for fear of being alone, we stay together.

In Spain, however, things escalate and on the path leading from Burgos to Hornillos del Camino, Guillaume wrestles with Hermand and smashes his stick on his head. Neither the players nor the witnesses get frightened beyond measure, as evidenced by the comments of the diary where Manier simply says that "had not been the help of a French coppersmith, there would come something else. "Anyway they all make good friends again when they near Quintanileja. "(Jean-Claude Bourlès, Passants de Compostelle, Petite Bibliothèque Payot)

What then for our tailor from Carlepont ? He manages to reach Santiago de Compostela, and after devotions, makes his way back. We do not know why but he does it on his own. And the great mystery remains: back in France, we keep track of him at Saintes, and we learn that he decides to stay a pilgrim. This time it will lead him to Rome.
Guillaume becomes a "romieu".


Hard luck, and therein lies the mystery, no trace, no news from Manier since then. Neither you nor anyone else, will ever know


how his life ended...

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